My Health Care Reform Proposal: “The Goldilocks Plan”

[originally published in Kitsap News Group’s 2010 Balance Sound Fitness and Health Guide, January 29, 2010 / cartoons provided by]

As we look to our elected offiicals in D.C. to come up with a health care plan we all can agree on, something tells me that the 2000-plus page storybook they are pushing needn’t be so long.  At the risk of oversimplifying the matter, there is much wisdom to be gained from a childhood story we are all familiar with — and one that is considerably shorter:  “Goldilocks and The Three Bears.”

You’ve heard the story.  Too hot.  Too cold.  Just right.  In some ways, this classic story reminds me of the body’s ability to self-regulate as a means of staying healthy.  You see, the body is constantly working to make sure things are “just right.”  Not too hot.  Not too cold. When things go awry and we become sick (ie. too hot, too cold, pain, dysfunction, ill health — you get the idea), we will often do whatever it takes to get back to that place where we are “just right.”  Sometimes we will default to the medicine cabinet in hopes of achieving this goal.   Unfortunately, drug therapy is often only a crude attempt to chemically make things “just right.”

Chiropractic takes a different approach.  It recognizes that the system that is in charge of keeping things “just right” is the nervous system.  It is this system that literally controls and governs all of the other systems of the body.  Chiropractic looks to remove any interference in this master control system’s ability to function properly.  Because when the nervous system is functioning as it should, the body is capable of staying on course to make things “just right.”  And that is how Goldilocks would have liked it.

The supremacy of the nervous system is a drum we chiropractors have been beating for the past 115 years.  Many patients who seek out chiropractic for neck and back issues are not only elated when their pain is dramatically diminished or eliminated, but, perhaps more so, because they seem to have increased energy and a greater sense of overall well-being.

When we keep things simple and move towards health care habits that honor our body’s ability to heal and self-regulate, a whole new health paradigm emerges — one the truly empowers the “health” in health care.   Because if we don’t, we just might end up with a National Health Care Plan alternatively entitled “The Big Bad Wolf.”

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    Thanks to my dad, Tom Lamar, for illustrating this blog… and he can illustrate yours too. Check out his site at

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