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Breaking Up Logjams

December 24, 2008

Log Drivers size up a notable logjam at Taylors Falls on the St. Croix River, Minnesota. (circa 1884)

[originally published in KCN, January 2009]

It was her third adjustment.  She had already endured my chiropractic monologue over the previous two visits — explaining the basics of chiropractic and how it related to her.  So, you’ll understand then, I was a bit surprised when, as I was preparing to adjust her, she asked, “Just what is it that you are DOING?”

Doing?” I responded.  “I’m adjusting you,” I stated matter-of-factly.

“Yes, I realize that,” she returned.  “But just what is it that the adjustment is DOING?”

I paused,  a bit disheartened, realizing that my initial communication efforts had been completely ineffective.  Obviously a rehash of my script from the days before wasn’t going to cut it.  And then it hit me, as the image of a profession from yesteryear sprang forth in my mind.  “What I’m doing,” I stated, “— what the adjustment is doing —  is breaking up logjams.”


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