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Mary Poppins and Elbow Pain

September 25, 2009

mary-poppins[originally published in KCN, November 2009]

Imagine, if you will, a Hollywoodesque, classic scene of a bygone era when a tantruming, unruly, obstinate toddler is grabbed by the wrist from his stern, fast-walking, nursemaid — who exemplifies the antithesis of Mary Poppins — and is briskly pulled along across the courtyard and up the steps of the manor.  What you probably wouldn’t imagine though is what might happen next:  the child shrieks out in pain and the arm that had been pulled by the nursemaid now hangs motionless.  Too hard to imagine?  Well, it must have happened often enough, because doctors ended up giving it a name: “nursemaid’s elbow.” (more…)

Swine Flu

September 20, 2009

SnoutsWith last week’s  FDA announcement that they have finally given the “nod of approval” of a much anticipated Swine Flu vaccine — with availability slated for early October — I was reminded of a Chiropractic blog post I read several months back in the heat of the Swine Flu Media Frenzy. The article, which I am printing below because it was so well written, was about how Chiropractors of yesteryear played an unsung role in helping patients across our country during the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 — a role that many have chalked up to the reason for chiropractic’s success and proliferation as an occupation.  It’s a bit of history that (1) you don’t hear about much, and (2), at the very least, should give even the toughest skeptic some pause.  D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic — which, by the way, celebrated its 114th birthday two days ago — asked the right question when he said:

“I desired to know why one person was ailing and his associate, eating at the same table, working in the same shop, at the same bench was not. Why?  What difference was there in these two persons that caused one to have various diseases, while his partner escaped?” — D.D. Palmer

In a word:  neuroimunology.  Read my Licking Doorknobs article for more on that.  But for now, take a step back into history with’s April 27, 2009 blog post.


[This entry courtesy of April 27, 2009]

Chiropratic: May be the Best Defense Against Influenza

spanish_flu_newMedia reports of Swine Flu in Mexico and now several US cities are frightening to many Americans, who are made to feel helpless. As a result, many will turn to dangerous vaccines out of fear and a lack of honest information. This virus is a strain of H1N1, the same virus responsible for the 1918 Flu Pandemic (often referred to as the “Spanish Flu”).

At this point, most confirmed cases in the United States have been mild and there have been no confirmed fatalities.  However, in Mexico there has been a high case fatality rate among young adults, 25-44, with atypical pneumonia, which has similarities with the 1918 flu pandemic.

The media is reporting that the 1918 pandemic was composed of a recombination of H1N1 seasonal flu and H1N1 swine flu. What you won’t hear reported in the main stream media is how chiropractic care afforded life saving relief to so many back in 1918.

The 1918 flu epidemic swept silently across the world bringing death and fear to homes in every land. More than one hundred million people died. In 1918 almost nothing was known about prevention, protection, treatment or cure of influenza. The whole world stood at its mercy, or lack of it.

Strangely enough, around that same time, chiropractic, the only American born health care profession, was close to extinction only 23 years after its discovery. In the time just after the end of World War I, laws against slander were so lenient that medical doctors were allowed to openly attack the chiropractic profession without any regard to truth, legality or the best interest of the patients.

Because medical doctors were making it so hard to have a practice, chiropractors were making mostly house calls. In 1918, chiropractors in Wisconsin began going door-to-door adjusting anyone who had the Flu.

As a result, an amazing thing occurred. Those who were adjusted by a chiropractor didn’t die.


Railway Spine

September 18, 2009

railway-train-flip[originally published in KCN, May 2000]

Back in the “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” days people suffering from neck pain following train accidents would likely have been diagnosed, or “labeled” I should say, with the downgrading term “railway spine.”  You see, railway spine was a condition that garnered a lot of suspicion, as the genuineness of the suffering patients exhibited was questionable to some.  Unlike other possible aches and pains a person of this era may have experienced, like falling off his horse, this condition was different, in that it involved a liable party — the railroad company — putting the patient in a position of gaining some extra gold nuggets for his pouch.

Fast forward to Y2K.  Ironically, not a lot has changed — except we don’t use gold as common currency, and the term railway spine no longer exists.  It was retired a long time ago — upgraded to a term most of us are more familiar with:  “whiplash.”  Perhaps this change in verbiage was prompted by the fact that automobiles have replaced trains as our primary method of transportation.  With 6 million injuries per year due to automobile accidents — 50% resulting in whiplash-type injuries — it is a rare day when a patient walks into the doctor’s office with whiplash following an Amtrak incident. (more…)

Chiropractors Lend a Hand at Ground Zero

September 11, 2009

-Never Forget-

911 Twin Towers Fire

[originally published in KCN, November 2001]

September 11, 2001. There’s no question about the magnitude of the tragedy that occurred on this day — exactly what the terrorists  were looking for.  But what they probably didn’t forecast was the altruistic backlash that rose up because of it.  No, they didn’t tear us down — they built us up.  Made us stronger than we’ve ever been as a nation.  They’ve rekindled a spirit of patriotism that our founding fathers must have had.  The words “United States,” “In God We Trust,” and “God Bless America” now have a deeper, more emotional tie than they’ve ever had for most of us.

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons that has come from all of 911 American Flagthis is the tremendous  debt of gratitude that we owe our nation’s firefighters, police, and paramedics.  Men and women who are all too easily taken for granted, yet they continue to serve and protect us everyday — even if the day happens to be September 11, 2001. (more…)

Back Taxes

September 4, 2009

[originally published in KCN, Arpil 2000]

backtaxes-uncle-sam1Wow, chiropractic sure helped you out last year!  It helped you overcome and manage that crippling back pain you’d been battling for years.  It did wonders for your spouse’s chronic headaches, not to mention how it set things straight when your daughter took a tumble off the jungle gym.  Oh, and let’s not forget, how it soothed your newborn’s cringing bout of colic.  With such a great track record for ‘99, do you think it can offer any relief for that pain that’s persistently been getting worse since the year ended?  You know, the one that has April 15th written all over it.

While there’s something to be said about how chiropractic can help relieve the negative effects that this stressful time of the year can have on our bodies,  the kind of relief that I am suggesting is more along the lines of “tax relief.”

“What!?” you say.  “I can deduct chiropractic care on my taxes??”  The answer, I’m excited to say, is “Yes.” — BUT (there’s always one of those) whether or not it will actually count as a bona fide deduction for your situation depends on some important  factors. (more…)

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