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Chiropractors Lend a Hand at Ground Zero

September 11, 2009

-Never Forget-

911 Twin Towers Fire

[originally published in KCN, November 2001]

September 11, 2001. There’s no question about the magnitude of the tragedy that occurred on this day — exactly what the terrorists  were looking for.  But what they probably didn’t forecast was the altruistic backlash that rose up because of it.  No, they didn’t tear us down — they built us up.  Made us stronger than we’ve ever been as a nation.  They’ve rekindled a spirit of patriotism that our founding fathers must have had.  The words “United States,” “In God We Trust,” and “God Bless America” now have a deeper, more emotional tie than they’ve ever had for most of us.

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons that has come from all of 911 American Flagthis is the tremendous  debt of gratitude that we owe our nation’s firefighters, police, and paramedics.  Men and women who are all too easily taken for granted, yet they continue to serve and protect us everyday — even if the day happens to be September 11, 2001. (more…)

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