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Aspirin Shortage!

February 28, 2009

[originally published in KCN, March 2009]

asprin-shortage-aspirinDon’t worry, we aren’t suffering from an aspirin inventory crisis.  No, my title for this article really has nothing to do with that.  Instead, its about a concept that is so basic — so logical — that it alludes many in our population. (more…)

A Pain in the Butt

February 23, 2009

[originally published in KCN, April 1998]

pain-in-the-buttNo, I’m not referring to your spouse, your parent, your unruly child, or anyone else that comes to your mind.  What I’m really referring to is taxes!… Seriously, what I am talking about is a condition known as coccygodynia — simply put in layman’s terms:  tailbone pain.   We doctors refer to the tailbone as the coccyx.  This name originates from the Greek word meaning “cuckoo” because of its resemblance to the bird’s bill.  The coccyx is formed by 3 to 5 fused caudal (tail) vertebrae at the very end of the spinal column and forms a joint with the triangular sacrum bone above.  While most other animal tails are considerably longer than humans (the cat has about 20 caudal vertebrae) and have obvious functions such as offering locomotion (whale), maintaining balance (kangaroo), or expressing emotion (dog) — the human “tail” is nothing but a small cuckoo bill that serves only for the attachment of certain nearby muscles and ligaments.


Dealing with Rusty Joints

February 16, 2009

Rusted padlock on white door

[originally published in KCN, March 1998]

Okay, so “Rusty Joints” may not be the correct scientific verbiage for the condition, however, it does paint a picture.  What I’m referring to is the “Wear and Tear” Arthritis commonly called Osteoarthritis.  If you haven’t heard of  this term, that’s okay,  because there’s a lot more that describe essentially the same thing.  Osteoarthrosis, Degenerative Joint Disease, Degenerative Disc Disease, Degenerative Arthritis, Subluxation Degeneration, and Spondylosis  are several that spring forth in my mind.  But let’s not get hung up on what to call it, instead, let’s focus on  1) what it is,  2) who’s at risk, 3) effective ways to manage it, and  4) why a chiropractor is writing this article.


“Not Tonight Dear, I Have a Headache.”

February 9, 2009

[originally published in KCN, January 1998]headache

Headaches.  They’ve put a damper in many a nights. We’ve all had one at one time or another.  Because headaches are so common, some people might mistakenly think that getting a headache is just a normal part of life.  The fact is, headaches are NOT normal!  They are a sign that something is wrong.  Headaches are one of the top reasons people visit their doctors and are a multi-billion dollar cash cow for the over-the-counter drug industry.


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