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Employees with “Back Smarts” Just Might Move You to the Head of the Class

June 26, 2009

[originally published in GKCCC Newsletter, April 2009 and then in the July 2009 KCN]

backpain-worker1Described as the “nemesis of medicine and the albatross of industry,”  it’s no wonder that countries across our globe seek to tame the ugly woes of good ol’ fashioned back pain.  Statisticians tell us that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives and of this about 35% will be work-related.

Recently, I ran across a very interesting research article published about a decade ago from “Down Under” in the Australasian Chiropractic and Osteopathy journal that investigated an intriguing way of facing this so called “albatross” —an albatross that costs them an estimated $8 billion annually in disability and lost production. (more…)

Backpack Safety

June 19, 2009

[originally published in KCN, September 1999]

backpack-girlAs we approach the beginning of yet another school year, I’m reminded of a growing concern that is circulating throughout  our health care community.  The concern I’m speaking of is that we are simply putting too much weight on our children’s shoulders.  And while those in the various mental health professions would certainly support this statement, I’m looking at this problem more literally.  The “weight “ I’m referring to is physical, and it comes from the overstuffed backpacks that our children lug to and from school everyday.   Our children are becoming virtual pack mules, if you will,  placing undue stress on their developing spines and thus giving birth to a whole host of future, and sometimes immediate, spinal and muscle related problems, including the obvious — back pain. (more…)

The Chiropractic Zone

June 12, 2009

[originally published in The Higher Source, March 1997 and then KCN, September 1998]

zone-bookI recently received a book from my mother.   It was the new and controversial “diet” book, The Zone, by Barry Sears, PhD.  Although grateful for the gift, I was a bit perplexed.  I, out of everyone in my family, was the last one that needed to think about dieting.  (more…)

Spinal Repair

June 5, 2009

[originally published in KCN, July 1999]

You could say it was business as usual at my office the other day.  The day was playing out like most any other day.  In other words, I was having a great day!  Three patients were comfortably seated in the reception area enjoying their reading selections, while I was helping a patient reschedule her next appointment.  And then it happened…  Kerplunk!  Everyone froze.  What was that?  The noise had come from my treatment room.   A troubled look came over my face, for  no one was in the treatment room.  I slowly made my way towards the area from whence the sound had come  as my patients waited, wide-eyed with anticipation.  As I peered around the wall, I quickly spotted the noisy culprit.  (more…)

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