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February 26, 2010

Spinal Column Radio Torticollis Podcast[originally published in KCN, March 2010]

Torticollis. While it might sound like a strange Italian dish, it’s not.  Imagine waking up one morning with your ear pressed to your shoulder as if cradling a telephone receiver.  The only problem is, there is no telephone to be found  — only an unrelenting, painful neck spasm with absolutely no ability to bring your head back to any semblance of socially accepted posture.  Most would agree, it’s a pretty disturbing situation to find yourself in.  Thankfully, in most cases, the “fix” for torticollis can be as simple as a visit to your local chiropractor. (more…)

10% Dead

February 19, 2010

[originally published in KCN, May 2001]

Ten percent dead?  What?  Now before you stop reading, hear me out.  It’s interesting if you stop to think about it:  dead or alive.  Pretty much an all or none proposition.  Right?  Well, maybe not.  What about instead of being completely alive, you were partially dead?  What would that feel like?  What might some of your symptoms be? While we all can understand the concept of being alive, and  all have a firm grasp on the concept of being dead, the notion of  being somewhere in between might be a new one for us.


Oh What a Headache it’s Been!

February 12, 2010

[originally published in KCN, May 2001 / cartoon provided by]

Did you know that chiropractic can be extremely effective at treating headaches?  Not a lot of people do, and from the looks of things, that’s just fine with some.  However, a much anticipated headache evidence report released by Duke University earlier this year might help to reverse this troubling trend.  Ironically though, with the events that led up to this point, I don’t think we as a chiropractic profession were expecting to contend with a headache of our own.


A Letter to My Competitor…

February 5, 2010

[originally published in KCN, April 2001]

Ever wonder who my biggest competitor is?  No, it’s not the chiropractor across town or the ones in our neighboring cities.  And it’s not even the medical doctor next door or the physical therapist across the way.  No, my biggest competitor is you!  Well, not you personally, but the chiropractic “baggage,” if you will, that you have managed to stuff in your cranium.  We all have a lifetime of attitudes, perceptions, and opinions about our health and how we must take care of ourselves, and unless we have resided on some tropical island for most of our lives, we probably have a pretty attractive set of chiropractic “luggage” stored between our ears as well.  The question you need to ask yourself, is who helped you pack your bags?


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