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A Letter to My Competitor…

February 5, 2010

[originally published in KCN, April 2001]

Ever wonder who my biggest competitor is?  No, it’s not the chiropractor across town or the ones in our neighboring cities.  And it’s not even the medical doctor next door or the physical therapist across the way.  No, my biggest competitor is you!  Well, not you personally, but the chiropractic “baggage,” if you will, that you have managed to stuff in your cranium.  We all have a lifetime of attitudes, perceptions, and opinions about our health and how we must take care of ourselves, and unless we have resided on some tropical island for most of our lives, we probably have a pretty attractive set of chiropractic “luggage” stored between our ears as well.  The question you need to ask yourself, is who helped you pack your bags?


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