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Steer Clear of Neck Braces

November 27, 2009

[originally published in KCN, December 2009]

Cervical Soft CollarEver so often I will spot someone wearing a brace around their neck. To be clear, I’m not talking about the rigid neck braces that EMT’s and paramedics employ to stabilize a suspected neck injury when they arrive on an accident scene. I’m talking about the soft, usually white, neck-supporting collars that are worn by people who are suffering from neck pain. These devices are often prescribed by well-meaning doctors, or are purchased by patients themselves at local pharmacies as a form of self-care for neckache. And while they look official, the irony is that they don’t do a bit of good. In fact, according to most research, they actually do more harm than good!


Seed or Soil?

November 20, 2009

[originally published in KCN, December 2000]

Seed or SoilWith the Holiday Season upon us comes its not so welcomed compadre: the “Cold and Flu Season.”  And with news reporters telling us that our nation’s drug companies are running a little low on the Traditional Flu Shots that we have come to expect, many are being forced to abandon these “shots” of artificial “immunity” for, perhaps, as some new studies are suggesting, something that will ultimately benefit them more in the long run:  bolstering their body’s immunity, naturally.

Louis Pasteur reminds us that “the microbe is nothing” and that “the soil is everything.”  In other words, if germs (microbes) were seeds, in order for them to grow and “germinate” into viable disease states, they would need fertile soil in which to do so.  The question we need to pose to ourselves is “What is the condition of our ‘soil’?”  Are you a “Disease Gardener’s Paradise”, or are you actively doing things to make your “soil” an inhospitable residence for “seeds?”


Go to Jail for Chiropractic!

November 13, 2009

[originally published in KCN, November 2000]

Please Let Me OutI got a call a few months ago at the office from an official-sounding woman proclaiming that she had a warrant for my arrest!  I was to be thrown in jail!  Visions of being dragged down to our overcrowded hoosegow filled my head.  A moment of fear set in. Who would treat my patients?  Who would take care of my family?

Before I could figure out how I’d post bail, the woman’s voice softened and I quickly learned that the “arrest” was actually part of a creative fund raising effort to help fight muscular dystrophy.  Apparently I had been charged with “having a big heart.”  What a relief!

As we embark upon the Thanksgiving Holiday Season, I can honestly say  that I am thankful that I wasn’t actually arrested.  More importantly, however, I am thankful for my chiropractic predecessors who were.

Let the Games Continue!

November 6, 2009

[originally published in KCN, October 2000]

Cathy Freeman

The flame may be out in Sydney, but our society’s fire for sports will never be doused.  There’s nothing like the Olympics, however, to bring out our patriotic competitiveness.  It’s great to watch our dedicated athletes who have invested their lives in perfecting their sport obtain Olympic status.  It’s inspiring to see them push the human-envelope of performance and break records.  It gives us a sense of pride.  And because they reside in the same country as us, there is a certain part of us that shares in their glory.  This feeling goes deeper for us chiropractors, however, because we know that numerous Olympic athletes owe much of their successes, and sometimes continued ability to compete, to chiropractic care.


A Grizzly Adjustment

November 2, 2009

Listen to Interview with the “Bear Chiropractor!”

Grizzly Bear[originally published in KCN, September 2000]

Now I’ve heard that neck pain can be a bear —but can a bear have neck pain?  Apparently so.  Just ask Fred.  Fred, by the way, is a long-time resident of Montana’s Grizzly Discovery Center — that’s right, Fred is a grizzly bear.

Dr. Gale Ford, veterinarian and executive director of the center, told Dynamic Chiropractic (one of our popular trade publications) that Fred’s neck was most likely injured rough housing with one or more of his playmates.  Much to Fred’s frustration, Dr. Ford’s initial treatment, which consisted mainly of antibiotics, offered no relief for his aching neck.  Not giving up on her 700 pound, hairy patient, Dr. Ford did what she considered to be the next “logical” step — she called a chiropractor.

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