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The 8 Second Adjustment

February 1, 2013

[originally published in KCN, September 2002 / cartoon provided by]

Rodeo Cowboy cartoonThe crowd is tense.  Excitement is in the air.  The gate springs open, and out pops a wild bucking bronco with a cowboy clutched atop.  As the bronco tries with all of its might to rid itself of this odd, restrictive force it senses on its back, the brave cowboy tries with equal might to hang on like glue — body being bumped, jerked, and whipped in every direction imaginable — all while trying to look “good” during this brawl between man and beast.   As the second clock speeds along, the music from the PA system blares, the crowd cheers, and the announcer keeps it all going full throttle.  In what seems like a blink of an eye to the fans — but more like days to the brave cowboy — the eight second buzzer sounds, signaling that his ride is over, and his score awaits.  Hopefully the rescue cowboys will be along soon for an easy dismount.  Of course, the other option is being bucked off, slammed to the ground, and possibly stepped on.  Ahh yes, the rodeo is in town!  And while it only comes once a year to Kitsap County, to the cowboys (and girls) this is just another day at the office.  For while the fans that night will only see these cowboys perform once, chances are, their calendars are booked for two, three, maybe four, different rodeos that week.  How do they do it — again, and again, and again?  For many, the answer is chiropractic.


Let the Games Continue!

November 6, 2009

[originally published in KCN, October 2000]

Cathy Freeman

The flame may be out in Sydney, but our society’s fire for sports will never be doused.  There’s nothing like the Olympics, however, to bring out our patriotic competitiveness.  It’s great to watch our dedicated athletes who have invested their lives in perfecting their sport obtain Olympic status.  It’s inspiring to see them push the human-envelope of performance and break records.  It gives us a sense of pride.  And because they reside in the same country as us, there is a certain part of us that shares in their glory.  This feeling goes deeper for us chiropractors, however, because we know that numerous Olympic athletes owe much of their successes, and sometimes continued ability to compete, to chiropractic care.


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