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Go to Jail for Chiropractic!

November 13, 2009

[originally published in KCN, November 2000]

Please Let Me OutI got a call a few months ago at the office from an official-sounding woman proclaiming that she had a warrant for my arrest!  I was to be thrown in jail!  Visions of being dragged down to our overcrowded hoosegow filled my head.  A moment of fear set in. Who would treat my patients?  Who would take care of my family?

Before I could figure out how I’d post bail, the woman’s voice softened and I quickly learned that the “arrest” was actually part of a creative fund raising effort to help fight muscular dystrophy.  Apparently I had been charged with “having a big heart.”  What a relief!

As we embark upon the Thanksgiving Holiday Season, I can honestly say  that I am thankful that I wasn’t actually arrested.  More importantly, however, I am thankful for my chiropractic predecessors who were.

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