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Behind the Scenes

August 7, 2009
behindscenes1[While attending chiropractic college in the early 90’s, my wife, Keri, wrote an article about what it was like being married to a chiropractic student.  The article was published in my chiropractic college’s newspaper on two different occasions and received rave reviews — not from my fellow colleagues, but their spouses!  Apparently her story resonated with many.  In any event, this is a rare peek into the making of a chiropractor. —  Dr. Lamar]

[Originally written July 1994 — by Keri Lamar]

I’m out with my husband and he puts his hand on my back.  It doesn’t take long before he is traversing  my spine and muscles.   His fingers stop to push the area a little, and he leans over to whisper in my ear:

“A little stiff here, hon?”

This scenario has happened so often that I just have to laugh about it now.  Gone are the days of the simple touch, the caress.  Tom is now neck deep in chiropractic college and I don’t get touched anymore.  I get palpated.  (more…)

A Chiropractor’s Education Never Ends!

November 25, 2008


[originally published in KCN, September 1997]

Ever wonder what sort of educational training your local chiropractor had to complete to hang his or her shingle out?  Every once in while I’ll get this inquiry; however, I know more of my patients probably are just as curious.

Many people are surprised to find out that chiropractic education is every bit as comprehensive as is medical education.


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