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March 5, 2010

[originally published in KCN, July 2001]

Hiccups.  Who hasn’t had them?  And who hasn’t heard of at least a dozen ways to cure them?  Perhaps you are accustomed to the popular home remedies of sudden fright, holding the breath, breathing into a paper bag, inducing sneezing with pepper, or drinking water with baking soda from the wrong side of the cup while the ears are covered tightly.  Or if you are well versed in the various medical treatments available, you’ll know that amongst the accepted procedures there are an assortment of medications, the inhalation of ether through the nose, the popular digital rectal massage, tongue traction, uvula stroking, and surgical excision of the phrenic nerve (which isn’t always a wise idea as this procedure literally paralyzes the diaphragm).   Well, I’ve got a new one to add to your list, and it’s one that a New York woman will be forever grateful for:  chiropractic.


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