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The “Elvis Pelvis”

March 26, 2010

[originally published in KCN, April 2010]

Every chiropractor who has been in practice for some time has had a population of patients that did not respond as he would have expected.  Oh sure, many of them got relief from the chiropractic care provided, but it only lasted for a few hours — a day, tops.  And mind you, we’re not talking about the first few visits, but, rather, a well-established pattern.  Or the patient did well with the adjustments, only to have the back misalign again from a trivial event.  It’s been my experience that not every patient falls into the typical “restore-motion-to-stuck-spinal-joint-and-watch-patient-get-better” category.  Sometimes we chiropractors need to acknowledge that not every case of mechanical back pain is due to spinal joints being” stuck” or “locked” — instead, sometimes it’s just the opposite: the joints are too loose.


Do-It-Yourself Chiropractic

May 8, 2009


[originally published in KCN, April 1999]

As a chiropractor, going to dinner parties and other social functions can often be an interesting experience.  Invariably, one of the guests, upon learning of my degree, will announce for all in the room to hear, why he would never need my professional services, as he proceeds to make a public display of theatric proportion, “cracking” and “popping” every joint his spine has to offer — an auditory performance that would certainly make Orville Redenbacher green with envy. (more…)

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