Wellness: Asking the Right Question

Posted November 29, 2013 by drlamar
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640px-Iceberg_with_hole_edit[originally published in KCN, May 2012]

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting on an iceberg.  Now imagine that you are oblivious to this fact.  As you sit there you begin to notice something:  Your body is shaking and your hands and feet are turning blue.  For good reason you become very concerned, “What’s wrong with me?” you ask.

As you pursue a diagnosis for your condition, you are evaluated and prescribed medications to improve your circulation and calm your jittery nerves.  The medications seem to work at first, but you soon find that you must continue taking them for ongoing relief of your disturbing ailment.

Sound silly?  Perhaps.  But I think many of us are unknowingly sitting on “icebergs.” Read the rest of this post »

Remembering the First Interview. Or Not.

Posted November 15, 2013 by drlamar
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Remembering the First Interview 6[originally published in KCN, July 2012 and Spizz Magazine Vol 2 Iss 1 2012]

I’ll never forget my first interview, but my son will never remember it.

Logan, my ten year-old audio engineer son, and I were eight months into producing our Internet radio program about “all-things-chiropractic,” and we were attracting a growing audience from all over the world.

Before I knew it, I was on the phone with Dr. James Dubel, the founder of one of the largest chiropractic gatherings that attracts a multitude of chiropractors every year to learn from the biggest names in the profession.  He had tuned into our show, liked it, and was inviting us out to his event to set up an “on location studio” to interview his chiropractic superstar lineup. Read the rest of this post »

A Slice of Humble Pie

Posted November 8, 2013 by drlamar
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423545_lemon_pie[originally published in KCN, February 2012 and Spizz Magazine Vol 1 Iss 4 2012]

With over 100 shows of our Spinal Column Radio podcast under my belt — taking my son, Logan, and I coast to coast to interview some of chiropractic’s greatest minds — you can imagine that I’ve got a story or two.

One such story took place in the farmlands just outside of Portland, Oregon.  Logan and I were invited to heft our studio down to the Big Top Legacy Gathering — a regular old-school chiropractic philosophy turnout held under a circus tent. Read the rest of this post »

Magical Chiropractors

Posted November 1, 2013 by drlamar
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Magic Hat[originally published in KCN, November 2013]

“What separates a good chiropractor from a great —or magical — chiropractor?”

That was the question I was confronted with when a novelist from Italy reached out to me for technical assistance with her latest book.  I’ve been asked a lot of questions about chiropractic since I first stepped foot in the profession twenty-one years ago, but never this one. Read the rest of this post »

Rx on an Airplane

Posted October 25, 2013 by drlamar
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Rx on a plane[originally published in KCN, June 2013]

“Fear lives in our beliefs.” 

That’s what Dr. David Jackson communicated to an assembly of chiropractors — of which I was one — in Seattle several months back.  He went on to say that fear keeps us from telling others what we know we need to tell them because we’re more afraid of what they might say versus what they might not say.  When it comes to sharing chiropractic, he’s more fearful of not telling people than he is at telling them.  He admitted, though, it hadn’t always been that way for him.  But as he began to witness more and more people falling ill and dying, he became too afraid of the results of staying silent.

To illustrate his point, he told us about an encounter he had on the airplane as he was flying up to our meeting.  He explained that he had settled in his chair and was very occupied multitasking between his iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro.  Nevertheless, he could sense his seatmate periodically peering into his “mobile office” space.  With Dr. Jackson’s company name, Epic Practice, emblazoned across his screen, it was obvious he was a chiropractor.  And glancing over at her work space, he immediately surmised she worked for a drug company. Read the rest of this post »

…And this little injury went “Wii Wii Wii” all the way home.

Posted October 18, 2013 by drlamar
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480px-Wii_console[originally published in KCN, March 2007]

Did you know that whiplash injuries were relatively unheard of before the automobile was invented?  Likewise, carpal tunnel syndrome wasn’t even a blip on the health care radar before computers hit the scene.  And whoever thought that a “mouse” could cause so much trouble?  The truth is, as we become more and more innovative and advanced in our technology, there seems to be an injury, or set of injuries, lurking in the shadows to complement it.

Read the rest of this post »

Rats in a Dump

Posted October 11, 2013 by drlamar
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640px-Landfill_face[originally published in KCN, January 2013]

As we find ourselves in the thick of cold and flu season our focus on avoiding germs becomes top priority for many of us.  We’re quick to Purell our hands and sanitize everything we touch.  But are germs really the issue?  The reality is, they’re no more of an issue now than they are at any other time of year. Read the rest of this post »

Expect Miracles: Loud and Silent

Posted October 4, 2013 by drlamar
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[originally published in KCN, October 2013]

The developer of the chiropractic profession, BJ Palmer, used to imprint upon the walls of his office: “Expect Miracles.”  Why?  Because we chiropractors are afforded a front row seat to witness them everyday as we serve our patients.  It’s pretty amazing!  But it’s greater than you might think.

Expect Miracles Read the rest of this post »

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